☆ a photographer’s footsteps.

Instead of compassing a general and mainstream approach of finding noise and making art out of it, I let my second creation be one of modernity and personality. It tells a story. With voice, music, physical interaction with objects and the sounds of the environment. 

I wanted to put the viewer in the life of a photographer; I desired to record movements and actions.

Beginning with making coffee to illustrate early morning; the boiling of the kettle and pouring of milk (relevant to my remoscope). The ringing sound of the phone then leads the subject walking. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” she says; hinting at the tardiness trait that I possess. The sound of an engine turning on led by music on the radio before sounds of waves and cameras flashing.

I’m a photographer. I communicate through photographs. This narrates the morning of a photoshoot.

I had asked myself 2 questions that were to be answered with my creation.

Firstly, what is something audio can do that video cannot?

Being a hard-of-hearing person myself, it was a difficult one to answer. Placing a greater emphasis on audio limits our preconceived notions, providing a unique experience and perspective. Additionally, where visuals facilitate the process in providing the viewer with a direct story, audio gives it more sense of mystery and this forms the viewer’s curiosity. 

Thirdly, how could I indicate the act of photography via audio? 

I idealised the concept in which I have the subject state what they’re showing in the photograph – each time, a different person and a different message, – after each click.

The sound after each click is a capture of the ending paragraph of my “where I’m from” poem.