sellingmyshock (16mm film celluloid)

Sellingmyshock is a treasure made from someone else’s ‘trash.’

I sought my creation to be distinctive, shaping it to give viewers an experience. Upon the realisation that I’d be using World War films, I focused on reproducing the sensation of a soldier’s flashbacks of the war. The title is also a wordplay of PTSD specified for World War victims – shellshock.

I had cut the film into 24 frame combinations with the intention of reuniting them for a repetitive transition; from slightly steady but disoriented to a gradual chaos of colour, to flashes of  pain until blackout. Originality exists in my choice of scraping, but admittedly, my research hugely influenced my work. Brakhage’s style of paint inspired the use of acrylic and oil paint on my film (Red for blood, green for sickness and purple for fear). Lye also influenced my use of cleaning products to alter the film. Arnold’s ‘Passage á l’acte’ further motivated me to use repititive frame editing. I manipulated it to start slow, until the film gets sped up, reversed, and rewinded.


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