☆ sweet words | pretty things.


Artist statement:

My indepth research of a large amount of artists have pushed me to test my boundaries with what I can do in photography and so ‘sweet words | pretty things’ is a photo series of experimental photography. 

‘Sweet words | pretty things’ is mainly scanning photography with some photos being pinholes and results of film camera negatives. I followed within the theme of bringing colour into black and white photography via physical things – embroidery, burning with fire, scraping with knives, dead flowers and glitter. my embroidery was inspired by a chilean artist named jose romussi but after researching various techniques, I discovered that I could do more than just embroidery and therefore began to experiment with a lighter, a lipstick, a knife, a flower vase and a bottle of glitter. 

But my own personal touch was the use of words to either contradict or support my photos, they spoke of such dark things using pretty words to compliment the colour in the dark and white photography – that there is always hope in darkness. Tracey moffatt’s ‘scarred for life’ was a huge influence on my ideas as I loved that her photos were very simple and vague but her use of words to match them made the photographs more interesting. 

Each of these photograph’s words are true in nature; they were spoken by the people in the photographs and as a listener, they impacted me. there is beauty in the way that language complements the visual.


Look below for the original photos with tangible elements:


Additionally, these are the photos of the beginning of my experimenting with scanning photography, using printouts of poetry I wrote and flowers I grew. This is how I came to the idea of making ‘sweet words | pretty things’.


Photography workbook: